Finished “The Overton Window”

I finished The Overton Window by Glenn Beck because I left Hologram Of Liberty at home while I was out of town this past weekend. The Overton Window is on my Kindle account so I have it with me everywhere.

It worked out better since I was planning to do the bulk of my reading on the stand. It is a lot easier to slip my phone into my shirt pocket when deer catch my eye.  I saw four this past weekend. One I spooked from 50 yards on the way to my stand. Unfortunately since I arrived later than I like due to coffee and conversation. Through the thick woods to the east I discerned a tale probably crossing the creek. The next two, positively identified does, appeared on my weak side but as I transitioned I noticed my window was closing rapidly as they entered the thick. They caught a whiff of me while moving through my blind spot and carried on for a little bit before I lost audible track of them. I heard numerous cries, grunts, and rattling all around me throughout the morning. I placed a salt lick in between their two creek crossings to possible divert their trails a bit.

Anyway, book review. The Overton Window is a work of fiction. I chose this title because I wanted to read something Mr. Beck wrote. Ghost-written or not it kept my attention, but if I hadn’t read it I wouldn’t be any worse off. I get the overall plan:  Teach how these factual events would fit into a simulated dawning of a new world order, and have the reader use the appendix to learn about the factual events after finishing the fictional part of the story partitioned by instructions from the author.  Before reading this I was interested in sampling his non-fiction and I still am.